Book review 9 – Wild

I’d been craving a book like this for some time now.

Powerful and raw, Cheryl Strayed’s experience while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is truly remarkable.

At times, you feel like you’re right there with her, and at other times, you think that she is absolutely crazy for even thinking about doing this on her own.

At many points, I was ready to pack my bag and head off to do this trail myself thinking about how life changing an experience like this could be.

Bur then, she would run into yet another rattlesnake and I would quickly change my mind and sit back down on my comfy couch.

Also, rarely has a book made me cry, but Cheryl Strayed, you managed to achieve that more than once. R.I.P. Lady. Insert ugly-cry here.

Truth is, while I do crave this sort of experience in my core, I don’t know if I’d be able to do it. It takes a strong person (and stubborn too!) to set this type of goal and achieve it.

Either way, thanks Cheryl, for pushing me into believing that I (maybe) can do something crazy like this too. Maybe someday, some trail…

How do I want to feel?

A month ago today, I turned 39 and in these past few weeks, I’ve started a new job, moved to a new city (part-time) and launched a new project.

Side note : if you know any French speaking teachers who could benefit from a more balanced work-home life, send them my way @enseignanteequilibree on Instagram and on Facebook!

Strangely though, while this may seem like a lot, I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing at all this past month and I can’t seem to shake this feeling.

In order to figure it out, I had to slow down (meaning taking time to journal and meditate) to ask myself why I was feeling this way and this is what came up :

Basically, my birthday represents my New Years for me so I usually take some time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the new one. However, I didn’t take the time to do that this year because I actually started my new job on my birthday and the past month has literally been a whirlwind. So it makes sense that I feel like something is missing.

But it’s not too late, right? Nope!

However, I’ve decided to change it up a little this time around because I feel the need to slow down more often.

Instead of asking myself : “What do I want to work on?” or “What do I want to accomplish this year?”, I’m choosing to ask myself: “How do I want to feel?” every single day because I’ve realised that moving, starting a new job and launching a new project is a pretty big transition and that I need to give myself time to adapt.

Now, how will I maintain this? By checking in with myself not only every single day, but multiple times a day to see what I really NEED and WANT to do.


I NEED to give myself time to adapt to my new surroundings as I figure out a new routine so it’s ok to take it one day at a time. If I’m tired, I’ll rest. If I want to read, I’ll read. If I feel like writing, I’ll write. If I want to go for a walk, I’ll go for a walk.

But I will NOT feel guilty if I choose to not do something either. Like choosing to stay in last night rather than going for a walk and watching This is Us 💜


And I will take the time to be silly with my husband more often!

That’s my plan for my 39th year and it sounds pretty good to me. My only objective: to enter my forties as happy and as healthy as possible. Only eleven months to go!

Do you get all “thinky” around your birthday? Do you set goals? If so, how do you stay focused?

Happiness is…

Happiness isn’t something you remember; it’s something you experience.”

This was my fortune following one of our many amazing meals while on vacation in Walt Disney World a few weeks back.

Just a few moments prior to opening my cookie, I had been thinking of how I wasn’t taking enough pictures during our trip. I mean, I had just taken a bite out of a spectacular dessert without snapping a picture of it first! Knowing how much I love desserts, how could I not be taking pictures of each of them?!

But then I read this message and it clicked. For this vacation, I wanted to disconnect. I wanted to relax. I wanted to FEEL it, and if that meant taking less pictures, then it meant taking less pictures.


I couldn’t not take a picture of my husband’s amazing birthday cake though

When we usually head to Walt Disney World, we pack as much in as possible, going to bed late and getting up early.

This time, we SLEPT IN! We took breaks! We left parks early and didn’t catch all of the fireworks shows and we only rode key rides once or twice instead of multiple times.

And we enjoyed spectacular sunsets!

As a result, I can say that we truly enjoyed our vacation so much more because we slowed down and experienced it more. What a concept!

When you truly let yourself experience something, you tend to worry less about forgetting it so in the end, this fortune cookie was right on point!

Book review 8 – Ten Needles

This book has a lot of heart.

Written as a collaboration, Martin Latulippe helps a young boy send the world a very important message. The book is short, yet so raw.

Sean Collins fought against a vicious cancer time and time again without ever forgetting what life was all about.

From his young age comes true wisdom that most adults have a hard time grasping.

If you’re feeling down about life, give this book a read. It reads quickly, but ten days would be optimal, one chapter a day, to really let the life lessons sink in.

Life is so precious and we tend to forget that when we’re healthy. Sean wanted people to make sure they were truly living their best life in every moment.

I only have four months left and I’m looking for book recommendations! Any thoughts? Drop suggestions in the comments! 

Book review 7 – Light is the New Black

Simply put, I ❤️ this book.

This is a book for anyone who feels like they have a bigger purpose in life, but struggle to figure out exactly what they are meant to do.

This is a manual for lightworkers.

Follow what lights you up, and you’ll light up the world” – Rebecca Campbell

It’s that simple.

Unsure about this whole lightworker concept? Read “Letter to a Lightworker” on pages 33 and 34 of the book and if it resonates with you, you are a lightworker and this book is for you.

This is the book that you will read when you need guidance. This is the book that you will read when you need clarity. This is the book that you will read when you need a good kick in the pants to get back on your path when fear and doubt start to creep in.

I will definitely read it over and over again and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Add a Little Foo to your Life

I usually post new blogs on Sundays, but this week, I spent my Sunday in a car on my way to Québec City to see the Foo Fighters play an epic outdoor concert.

This was sort of a last minute idea (wait, does six weeks count as last minute?) and it was a surprise for my husband. At first, I wasn’t going to tell him until a few days before the show. I even contacted his boss to make sure he could have two days off without him knowing. Sneaky, right?  Read More