It’s time

This will be my last blog post on here. Although if you follow my blog, you know that I haven’t written much lately anyways.

Karmic Sweets started out as a hobby. I created a Facebook group to share my cake creations with family and friends that quickly grew into something beyond my wildest imagination.

Never would I have thought that baking cakes would help me develop so many other abilities like negotiation skills, photography skills, mad estimation skills, self-acceptance, patience and most of all, confidence.

As proof, it also helped me create this blog and have the guts to publish over fifty posts.

I’ve loved writing this blog. I’ve grown here. I’ve questioned myself here. I’ve challenged myself here.

But the best part? I’ve always been myself here. Why? It’s been so easy. I’ve always loved writing and it just seemed easier to talk to you this way. I always felt that I could be myself. My sugar loving, introvert, dreamer self.

So, why leave? Well, there is another project that I’ve been working on that I hold dear to my heart and it’s time for me to go all-in!

I’ll keep baking and posting on my Instagram @karmicsweets, but I need to focus on my other project for now.

Thank you for following along, thank you for reading and above all, thank you for being you 💜

PS : if you want to check out my new project, go to :

I’m also on Facebook and Instagram @enseignante_equilibree 🍎

One thought on “It’s time

  1. Tellement fier de toi pour tout ton cheminement. You have made so many people happy through your delicious baking creations. I’ve been happy to be your kitchen bitch for these last few years. I can’t wait to see what comes next. 💜🥰


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