Book Review 10 – The End of Average

This book was recommended on a blog that I read on inclusive education ( which is another passion of mine and I can truly say that it has been eye-opening. I even folded the corners of a few key passages which, for anyone who knows me, knows that I NEVER warp a book.

Basically, this book, supported with a ton of scientific research, helps us see that there is no such thing as an average human.

“In our jobs and schools we are told there is one right way to get things done, and if we pursue an alternate course, we are often told that we are misguided, naive, or just plain wrong. Excellence, too often, is not prioritized over conforming to the system. Yet we want to be recognized for our individuality. We want to live in a society where we can truly be ourselves – where we can learn, develop, and pursue opportunities on our own terms according to our own nature, instead of needing to conform ourselves to an artificial norm” (p. 58).

This book will make you question many facets of our society : standardised testing, the size of airplane seats and even why there are bells in schools to indicate the start or end of classes. Be prepared to think!

This book should be a must-read for all educators, parents and anyone who’s ever felt just slightly below average. Diversity is key in all walks of life and Todd Rose helps us see that we are exactly who we are meant to be. Happy reading!

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