Journaling exercise – My Ideal Day

What would your ideal day look like? What elements would be essential for your day to flow a little easier?

Take a time-out and write a list of things you’d require to have an “ideal day”. Afterwards, come back and answer the questions below.

To help you get started, here are a few examples from my list : a quick and healthy breakfast, music, a cup of tea, my outfit picked out the night before, time to read before bed, kitty cuddles and laughter.

Don’t think too hard. Let it come naturally and remember that you can always add stuff to it in the coming days.

Now that you’ve got your list of essentials for an ideal day, check it over to compare with what your days actually look like.

  1. Are there elements that show up on most days or is your day to day life a completely different scenario than your list?
  2. Could you add some elements from your list into your daily routine to make your days a little brighter? It doesn’t have to be complicated.
  3. Does anything on your list correspond to your work day or mainly just weekends? If so, could you add some of your list to your workday in order to make it more enjoyable? Again, think of little things to adapt.

If you notice that not many of your items happen on a regular basis, try planning your week ahead of time to add a few items per week.

However, don’t try to do add them all to your daily schedule in one shot. Just keep in mind that these elements help you feel good on a day to day basis and they’ll integrate themselves to your daily life with ease.

Also, you can use this list to cheer yourself up on bad days or to get back on track if you’ve lost your way.

Ideal days aren’t just for weekends and vacations. Now, I’m not saying that every day will be an ideal day. There are always little surprises in life, but if you could live a series of days including many of these elements, I’d be curious to see how you would feel 😉

Happy reflecting!

What does your ideal day include?

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