Life is but a dream!

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

– Walt Disney

Walt Disney is known as one of the biggest dreamers of all time. I mean, look at what he built with only a mouse to start! And as much as people thought he was crazy, he kept going. I can’t help but wonder what else he would’ve accomplished if he’d lived just a little longer.


I mean, look at that castle!

I’ve barely touched my passion projects in weeks and I’ve felt   guilty for not “finding” the time. Just a few months ago, I was super boosted and excited and recently, I find myself back in the mindset of wanting to crawl under the covers thinking : “Who am I to do this???”

I feel like I’d lost my way the past few weeks. Again, new job, new routine, and a new city was a lot to take in!

Yet even as the dust was settling on all of these changes, I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of getting back into my projects and kept procrastinating, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel!


Coach Karine

This past weekend, I went to a live event with my coach in Montreal (yes, another live event!) and after the first fifteen minutes of the two-day event, I was ready to come home and get to work, not because of what was said, but simply because of the energy in the room. Turns out, that’s what I needed the most. To surround myself with dreamers and doers just like Walt in order to start dreaming again.

Now, I don’t share much about where I see these projects going yet because to be honest, it’s not all clear, but I have a TON of crazy ideas and I know that they will all come out in due time! However, I’m a little overprotective of them. Why?

Last November, I attended a week-long live event with Gabrielle Bernstein (read about it here) and one of the guest speakers was the amazing Rha Goddess. During her workshop, Rha compared our passion projects to a new baby. For those of you who are moms out there, would you let just anyone hold your baby? Probably not. You would more than likely only let people you know and trust hold it, right? The same rule applies to your passion project.

In the beginning, it’s best to share it only with people you trust, people you know will support you no matter how crazy your plans may be. And it’s OK to take your time.


These girls know how to dream BIG!!!

Also, surround yourself with people who dare to dream even bigger than you and you can’t fail. Invest in your dreams. There’s a reason your passion lights you up. You need to share it with the world…when you’ll be ready 😉

Do you have a passion project? How do you stay on track and keep yourself motivated? What do you do when you get off track?

2 thoughts on “Life is but a dream!

  1. Wow!! Wonderful Isabelle! I’m so grateful that you are pursuing your dreams and passions!!! Watching you leave your comfort zone for a greater place is amazing! Keep looking forward! Xo


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