Happiness is…

Happiness isn’t something you remember; it’s something you experience.”

This was my fortune following one of our many amazing meals while on vacation in Walt Disney World a few weeks back.

Just a few moments prior to opening my cookie, I had been thinking of how I wasn’t taking enough pictures during our trip. I mean, I had just taken a bite out of a spectacular dessert without snapping a picture of it first! Knowing how much I love desserts, how could I not be taking pictures of each of them?!

But then I read this message and it clicked. For this vacation, I wanted to disconnect. I wanted to relax. I wanted to FEEL it, and if that meant taking less pictures, then it meant taking less pictures.


I couldn’t not take a picture of my husband’s amazing birthday cake though

When we usually head to Walt Disney World, we pack as much in as possible, going to bed late and getting up early.

This time, we SLEPT IN! We took breaks! We left parks early and didn’t catch all of the fireworks shows and we only rode key rides once or twice instead of multiple times.

And we enjoyed spectacular sunsets!

As a result, I can say that we truly enjoyed our vacation so much more because we slowed down and experienced it more. What a concept!

When you truly let yourself experience something, you tend to worry less about forgetting it so in the end, this fortune cookie was right on point!

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