Looking for Signs…and Cake!

Last year, I got an unusual cake request : a groom wanted a periodic table made out of cupcakes.

At first, my intuition said “Heck, no!” and I always go with my gut, but I asked the bride to let me think about it for a week or two. After all, the wedding was over a year away.

The following week, I went to NYC with a friend for a conference. We arrived the day before the event started to give us a chance to explore the city. We were staying at a friend’s place in Queens so we headed to this quaint little pub for a bite to eat.

While we ate, I told my friend about the cupcake request and said I was going to pass, not feeling like I had it in me to create something so big. I had no idea where to start! However, I felt bad since I knew the bride and I knew that it would be hard for them to find someone else to do it in our area.


Lots of colours!

So my friend and I started brainstorming some ideas “just in case” and a few minutes later, she stopped talking and a huge smile came across her face. I turned around and saw what she was seeing : a group of about ten very well dressed people walking up the street led by what we assumed was a groom carrying a wedding cake. As luck would have it, they were also headed to the pub.

Once they settled in, they set the cake down in the middle of the table and my friend started laughing and pointed at the wall behind me.

Directly behind the wedding cake, hung on the wall of the pub, was a gigantic poster of the periodic table that we hadn’t noticed.

So there was my answer. In a small pub in Queens, NY, on a Thursday night in early June. It couldn’t be clearer than that! I had to do this.


All edible!

Back home, I contacted the bride and told her I was up to the challenge. I did some research and came up with a few ideas.


118 cupcakes

And truth be told, it was actually a super fun project (even in this 40 degree heatwave), but it took more time than I thought.

All in all, I am very pleased with the result and I can only hope that the bride and groom enjoy it just as much.

Do you believe in signs? Have you ever asked for a sign and gotten such a clear answer? Do you have a specific sign that you look for?

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