Add a Little Foo to your Life

I usually post new blogs on Sundays, but this week, I spent my Sunday in a car on my way to Québec City to see the Foo Fighters play an epic outdoor concert.

This was sort of a last minute idea (wait, does six weeks count as last minute?) and it was a surprise for my husband. At first, I wasn’t going to tell him until a few days before the show. I even contacted his boss to make sure he could have two days off without him knowing. Sneaky, right? 

However, in the midst of my planning, my husband decided to take the week before the concert as vacation so it sort of screwed up my surprise plan. In the end, I ended up telling him two weeks before the concert, but all in all, it was still quite a surprise!

My husband and I generally like the same kind of music although he’s more of a metal fan and I am more of a punk girl, but we tend to meet in the middle. I’ve always liked the Foo Fighters, but my husband is more of a fan than I am.

When we first heard that they were playing in Québec City for the Festival d’été de Québec, I was very hesitant. The thought of an outdoor rock concert surrounded by 80 000 people didn’t quite tempt me, but I overheard my husband talking to my dad about it a few weeks back and I could tell he really wanted to go.

The Foo Fighters are the one band on his must-see live list that he hadn’t seen yet so I started playing around with the idea of surprising him as an early 40th birthday gift. I emailed his boss and got her ok, I called his mom to get the tickets delivered there so he wouldn’t find them in the mailbox and I booked a hotel all in a two hour span so I wouldn’t have time to talk myself out of it.

We headed out early on Sunday morning in order to be able to enjoy the older part of Québec City since we didn’t have much free time when we were there back in May for a conference. We arrived in late afternoon and we grabbed a bite to eat at an awesome hamburger joint (Le Chic Shack) just before the supper rush.


Afterward, we went to check out the concert site just to have an idea for the following day and finally, we headed to one of our favorite ice cream places : Chocolats Favoris!


The next morning, we headed out around 11am and walked around until we got hungry. The plan was to eat a large lunch that would hold us through until after the concert. We were allowed to bring snacks onto the concert site which was nice and we could also bring empty water bottles which could be filled at fountains throughout the site as well.


We got to the site around 2:30 and got in line, but it was quite hot. We ended up sitting under a tree for an hour and then headed back in line to wait for the doors to open at 6pm. At first, I thought it would feel a lot longer to wait there, but it wasn’t so bad. The people watching was excellent.

Once the doors opened at 6pm, people rushed to be near the stage. We wanted to be close, but not that close. At 7:15, the first band played (Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls) and we were both pleasantly surprised. I love going to a concert and not really knowing the opening acts, but falling in love with them. We liked them so much that we stopped at a record shop on the way home the next day and bought two of their albums.


The second band (Greta Van Fleet) was also amazing and started playing around 8:15, but around 8:25, it started POURING!!! It rained for the better part of an hour and we got soaked, but it was very refreshing at the same time.


However, there was a little tension in the crowd during the rain, because three years ago, the Foo Fighters had played this same festival, but had only gotten through four songs before having to evacuate the site thanks to a crazy lightning storm so fans had been waiting three years for this show. The clouds were dark and the rain heavy so people were starting to wonder if the same fate laid ahead.

Thankfully, just like magic, the rain stopped mere minutes before the Foo Fighters came onto the stage. The clouds departed and the stars came out in full force. Very poetic, I know! The band came out around 9:30 and announced to very eager fans that they’d asked the festival committee and the mayor for a special permission to play until midnight in order to make up for the last show three years ago and that permission had been granted.

For two and a half hours, the band played hit after hit. Each band member had their time in the spotlight (especially Taylor, the drummer) and time flew by. Before we knew it, the show was done and we were flowing out of the site on our way back to the hotel. I’ll be honest, I was a little worried about being in this large crowd for a long period of time, but all in all, everyone was in a pretty good vibe.

So, what was the best part of this experience? Honestly, planning the surprise! The concert was amazing, but I LOVED having this little secret and trying to figure out how and when to spill the beans. This was especially true the day that I bought the tickets. When I picked up my husband from work and he asked me how my day was, I replied : “Fine, you?” while inside, I was a whole lot of giddy!

So, why not add a little Foo to your life? And by Foo, I mean adventure, surprise and intrigue! It doesn’t have to be a huge surprise either, but plan a little something for someone you love and appreciate. It’s the ultimate feel-good vibe and you’ll definitely get just as much energetically in return.

Have you ever planned a surprise for someone? Or has someone planned something for you? How did you feel as you were planning? Isn’t fun being sneaky?

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