Book Review 6 – The Four Agreements

I bought this book in 2012 and as much as I wish I’d read it sooner, I know that I needed to read it now. When I started this one book a month challenge in January, I knew this book would be on my list. Again, it’s been on my shelf for six years!

But in the last month, it’s popped up on my Instagram feed a bunch of times, random people have talked to me about it and a few weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast in which the host mentionned this book as one of his top three books of all time. Ok Universe, message received!

The introduction of the book hooked me right away and I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to binge read it (that’s a thing, right?), but I decided to read one agreement per day for a week.

However, I would recommend maybe one agreement a week for a month to allow yourself the time to integrate each concept. Maybe even longer…

Each agreement is so simple, yet so profound and the author succeeds in explaining them so easily. If it were up to me, this book would be a mandatory read for everyone.

Truth be told, I’d like to believe that if everyone followed these simple four agreements, the world would be a much better place with so much more love and understanding instead of judgment and fear. Maybe someday 💜

Sat Nam!

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