When One Door Opens…

I’ve been a high school teacher for twelve years now and in the fall, I embark on a new journey. Still in the education world, but in a different role. A very different role.

It all seems a little crazy when I stop to think about it. Wasn’t I just a high school student? I suppose the fact that I have a good friend who’s daughter graduated from high school today should be a sign of the times. But still!

However long it’s been, it’s hard not to have some mixed emotions about this new journey. I’m super excited to step up to the challenge, but I leave behind an incredible group of colleagues, some pretty cool students and a wicked office. It’s the ultimate definition of bittersweet.

However, I know deep down that this is the path that I’m suppose to take. My journey has brought me here. Tomorrow, I meet a whole new group of colleagues in a different city and as much as I am a teeny bit anxious, I’m also very much excited.

Bottom line : don’t hesitate to close one door in order to open another one even if you aren’t sure exactly where it’s leading you. If you don’t try, you’ll never know 💜

Have you ever taken a leap of faith? How do you deal with the many mixed emotions felt during a transition period?

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