Book Review 5 – Thin from Within

I first discovered Robyn Youkilis through Gabrielle Bernstein’s Instagram stories when Robyn visited her and they made good gut gummies.

Afterwards, I started to follow Robyn on Instagram which was not long before the launch of this book, her second one. I was excited to get a copy because I resonated with her philosophy on food and body image.

Basically, Robyn focuses on being healthy from the inside out. We tend focus a lot on the outsides of our bodies, but not on what’s going on inside and the gut is such an important part of the body that we need to start listening to it intuitively and physically.

According to the author, we are all unique and need to tune into our bodies and listen to what it needs . Basically, we literally have to trust our guts!

A desire to lose weight is a sign that we want something to be different in our bodies, but even more so, in our lives.” – Robyn Youkilis

This book is a combination of a cookbook, a self-help book and a workbook all in one. It also includes a gut reset which, a few weeks back, Robyn hosted openly online. The reset is all explained in the book and during those three days, she did live videos to show the meal prep and answer questions. It was a nice way of doing it for beginners since doing a reset like this can be intimidating. My husband even joined in! I’m not going to lie : the reset wasn’t easy. But it was eye-opening! And I’m proud to sat that I’ve stuck to a few of her tips already! For example, I now drink a big glass of water every morning and I do admit that it has made a difference. Baby steps!

We’ve also tried the pumpkin breakfast cookies, the blueberry chia muffins and are both in love with the power parfaits.

All that said, I’m looking forward to trying a few more of her recipes throughout the summer and getting my hands on her first book sooner than later.

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