Reflections following a Live Event : Académie Zérolimite

Last weekend, my husband and I drove up to Québec City to attend a live event in connection with a course that I’m following online (Académie Zérolimite).  The event was a series of conferences by so many remarkable people and some more structured teachings by the host of the program, Martin LatulippeAt first, I wasn’t meant to attend the event because it was suppose to be held near Montréal (which is a little far) the weekend before and I had a few prior engagements (see cakes). However, the venue had to be relocated at the last minute and the closest one available was Centre des Congrès in Québec this past weekend so we were able to go! Ah, synchronicity!


I’m lucky enough to have lived three events of this magnitude in the past year and I love the feeling that I get when I’m there. You meet so many interesting people and see so many different perspectives and opportunities.

When you’re there, there’s an amazing abundance of energy and you feel so understood and supported so when you get home, you tend to want to hide out in a hole and work like mad on your idea / project / book / conference while you’re still buzzing from that high.


However, the key to surviving these types of events is to let it sit for a bit when you return to the real world because the return can be a little brutal. One colleague compared it to leaving Hogwarts and returning amongst the Muggles. Your energy drops, the doubt returns, and the “who am I to do this?” thought comes back in full force.

This is why the integration time after an event like this is so sacred.

When I came home from Spirit Junkie Masterclass 1 in NYC last June, I was busting at the seams! My head was overloaded with ideas and projects, but I had no idea where to start. I had a hard time coming down gracefully and I ended up crashing (cue gallbladder removal surgery!)

When I went to Spirit Junkie Masterclass 2 in October, I had a ten hour drive to help me process everything that I’d lived during that week and the transition was a little smoother. However, I still felt completely overwhelmed because I still wasn’t sure of how I was going to do what I wanted to do.

So this past weekend, I went in with a different intention. I went to recharge. I went in with an open heart and what I got in return was a multitude of  realisations, connections, ah-ha moments to help me move forward in my project without the pressure of waiting for it to be perfect.

So here are the main messages that resonated with me this past weekend :

  1. Your brand is your story. Your story is your brand.
  2. Focus on getting better, not on being perfect.
  3. Do one thing 1000 times, not 1000 things only one time.
  4. Become the best student in order to teach something.
  5. Let yourself fail. You’ll learn so much more this way.
  6. Compare yourself only with yourself in order to see how you’ve improved!
  7. Give yourself the right to be imperfect!
  8. What we learn today makes us question what we learned yesterday so question everything.
  9. While you’re hiding behind your fear of judgement, YOU are the only one that is missing out.
  10. My responsibility is to honour my divinity and my divinity is whatever makes my eyes shine bright.

So for the next few weeks, I know that I have to let all of this sit and trust that everything will happen just as it’s meant to. Slowly, I will digest all of these beautiful messages by reading them daily (probably multiple times a day) so that when I get to work, I know that my path will be a little bit clearer every single day. And I know that I will continue to attend similar events because the rewards are always so worth it.

Have you ever lived a live event or multiple-day conference? What advice would you give someone attending for the first time? What are your secrets to coming down from that high without losing your momentum?

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