Book review 1 : Judgment Detox

I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated a book THIS much.

Let’s just say that I have been waiting for this book to come out since Gabby first started talking about it last year. While at Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2 in October, she read a part of her introduction which was exciting, but it was honestly just a tease.img_2336-1

According to the author, judgment happens when we are separated from love. Our ego (that little voice inside our heads that is not always nice) convinces us that we are more or less special than other people.

Truth be told, most of our judgments are caused by our fears. We use judgment as a defense mechanism and in order to return to love, we have to look at what wounds are hiding behind our judgments. Not an easy task!

We all judge. She even admits to it herself in the first paragraph of the introduction. However, with a little commitment and a lot of love, we can change our ways.

That being said, get ready to work! Like most Gabrielle Bernstein books, you get deep down and dirty with your emotions. This book encourages you to dive deeply into old wounds and work through them in order to cleanse yourself. There are six steps to the Judgment Detox and each step has exercises to help guide you along ranging from writing prompts to meditations to EFT (tapping) scripts. This is not a book that you read just once. It’s a commitment that you make.

For my first reading, I chose to read the book straight through and didn’t do the exercises, but I’ve done that with most of her books. I return to them when I feel ready knowing what is waiting for me and knowing that I am ready to make the commitment and do the work. That being said, this is one detox that I am actually looking forward to!

The root of all judgment is fear so if you’re ready to see what is hiding behind your judgment, then this book will surely help set you free.

Happy detoxing!

PS: If you’re not familiar with Gabby’s work, I suggest you start with her second book called Spirit Junkie : A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles which explores her journey from the world of public relations in New York City to becoming a world renowned motivational speaker. Also, I would recommend reading her last book called The Universe has your Back before the detox. This is my favourite Gabby book mainly because it is the first one that I read and it came into my life when I desperately needed it 💜 Let me know how it goes!

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