Holiday vibes

For most people, the holidays are a time of joy and celebration, but as we enter the most wonderful time of the year, it’s important to be mindful that not everyone loves Christmas.

When I was a little girl, my great-aunt would work her magic during the entire month of December to make the holidays as memorable as possible. From the baking extravaganza on the last Sunday before Christmas to the multitude of beautifully wrapped little boxes under the tree, she knew how to make the holidays special.

You should treat yourself to a hot chocolate from Tony’s!

Go get a hot chocolate from Tony’s Bistro! It’ll get you feeling festive!

The year that she passed, we knew Christmas would be different and we thought we were ready, but the truth is that I don’t think I ever came back from that.

Here we are, twenty years later, and I’m still not a huge fan of Christmas.

When I met my husband, things changed a little bit because he LOVES Christmas. Or at least, he used to. He would decorate his apartment to the nines and listen to Christmas songs all year. He had a list of Christmas movies and specials to watch and they had to be watched in a certain order.

One of these is mine…can you guess which one???

Our first Christmases were nice, because I felt that spark again, the magic of the season if you will. However, after both of his maternal grandparents passed in the summer of 2014, Christmases seem to have lost a bit of the spark for him too.

The following Christmas, we tried to head out of town with the family for the holidays, but it didn’t work out. My parents don’t tend to travel very much and we may have set our sights a little too high. Every year, we talk about it again, skipping Christmas, but we just can’t seem to do it. Why?

Deep down, I think we still believe in the magic of Christmas, but we know that it takes a little more effort to feel it.

This donkey ALWAYS gets me into the Christmas spirit as he headbangs to Feliz Navidad LOL!

So, in the spirit of giving, here are a few suggestions on how to make your holiday season (or someone else’s) a little brighter :

  1. Visit someone that you know who lives alone and bring along a batch of homemade cookies.
  2. Help out a parent you know by offering to watch their child for a few hours and plan a fun activity like baking cookies or watching a holiday movie with them.
  3. Start a new tradition with your family or revive an old tradition that’s been long forgotten.
  4. Send hand written Christmas cards to friends, even if they live in the same town or city as you do. To make the card even more special, include a personal note about a fun moment you shared with them this past year. As a bonus, add some Christmas confetti to the inside of the card so they get a little surprise (and a little mess) as they open the card 😉
  5. Invite someone you wouldn’t normally think of inviting to a holiday celebration or meal. Or, bring them leftovers 🙂

Either way you choose to celebrate this holiday season, please stay safe and warm. xo

How do you celebrate the holidays? What brings the Christmas spirit alive for you? Do you have any suggestions to add to my list?

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