My journey to becoming a Spirit Junkie

In the fall of 2015, I had dental surgery and it took a lot out of me. I didn’t listen to my body and the healing process took a lot longer than expected. I had already completed my four Reiki levels and felt that I was invincible walking into that operating room that day, but the Universe quickly brought me back to reality.

While the physical healing aspect only lasted a few weeks longer than expected, the emotional healing took quite awhile after this surgery. Over the course of the following year, I faced many obstacles to help me get back on track and it was exhausting. I felt lost and I kept searching for a tool, a book, a blog…something to help me get back to my true self.

The following summer, I went to relive my third Reiki level hoping to shed some light on this process and I found something even better : a new friend! On our last night of the retreat, she mentionned Gabrielle Bernstein and suggested I check out her books, especially the last one cleverly titled “The Universe has your Back”. I wrote the name down in my notebook and quickly forgot about it.


A few weeks later, and well into the hustle and bustle of a new school year, I was feeling drained once again so  I reached out to my naturopath and quickly made an appointment. When I showed up at her office, her secretary was reading the book and I remembered my new friend’s suggestion.

I asked the secretary if she was enjoying it (which of course she was!) and when I casually mentioned going to our local bookstore after my appointment to pick it up, she suggested ordering it online through Gabrielle’s site to get a free digital course. It sounded good to me so when I got home later on that day, I ordered the book and got the free digital course.

I haven’t looked back since.

Over the course of the next few months, I watched all the videos I could get my hands on, read all of her books and crazily signed up for Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 to be held in New York City that June (with my new friend of course!). I was hooked.


We flew out to NYC on a Thursday morning in order to spend a day or so sight-seeing since my friend had never been there. The course was set to start on Friday night and continue Saturday and Sunday. My friend had been lucky enough to see Gabrielle in Montréal the previous summer, but this was my first time seeing her live. I couldn’t wait.

Now, as much as I do appreciate this woman, it is more so her message that lights me up. I was excited to see her and feel her energy. However, I didn’t expect to be moved like I was the second she walked out on stage. My eyes filled with water and I basked in the moment. I felt a surge of energy light me up. I felt understood.

I signed up for Level 2 before even leaving the Level 1 training on that Sunday knowing that if I didn’t do it then, I’d more than likely chicken out. My friend also signed up, but later changed her mind. At first, I was disappointed, but I soon realized that I needed to do Level 2 on my own. The shy, quiet introvert going to Massachussetts for a week on her own sounded like just the challenge I needed to push myself to the next level.

I felt like a child on Christmas morning during the months leading up to Level 2, but when the faithful day came, I was terrified. I was going to a place I’d never been, with people I didn’t know, including a roommate I’d never met, for a week. And I wasn’t bringing any chocolate with me! Talk about being out of my comfort zone!

I also hadn’t realized how big the Kripalu Center was before arriving. I’d assumed we’d be the biggest group in attendance, but I quickly realized that I was in way over my head when I walked into the cafeteria for the first time. I ended up eating on the vegetarian side of the buffet for the first two days because I didn’t know that there were two options in the line-up!


The entire week was a whirlwind of revelations, breakthroughs, moments of panic and slight terror all while including a ton of healing accompanied by all around love. I had three moments of pure surrender (one involving a chocolate bar, another involving a Pitbull song and one involving popcorn – leave it to me to surrender to food!). Even though those moments were truly eyeopening and helped me put some things into perspective, I also got clarity on two major blocks that I was experiencing which were holding me back from my dream.

For that, I am grateful.

However, as much as I consider the entire week to have been an amazing learning experience, it was mainly a testament to how far I’ve come because the best part was that I stayed true to myself and learned to truly love myself just the way that I am : a true introvert and that’s ok ♥

Having been home for a week now, I already miss the energy felt in that group as well as the friends I made along the way. To be in a room with that many people who want to share the same message and have the same philosophies is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Imagine being in a room with strangers, but feeling like you know them all. There is no awkwardness. There are no boundaries. We are all love.

All I can do is wish for you to find the same type of group in whatever passions light you up! Find your tribe!

Sat Nam!


4 thoughts on “My journey to becoming a Spirit Junkie

  1. What an incredible journey! I too discovered Gabby over the last year and I’m just in love with her work. She’s been such an inspiration. Keep shining your light, fellow spirit junkie! ❤


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