Facing fears

A few weeks ago, I went to see the movie “It” in theaters.

It took me awhile to decide whether or not to go. When the miniseries came out in 1990, my parents forbade me to watch it. They weren’t usually the type to say no for this type of thing, so I knew there had to be a good reason.

However, a few weeks after the miniseries aired, I slept at a friend’s house and her older brother decided to watch the show since their parents had taped it. Curiosity got the best of us and we watched it with him despite my parents’ warnings. I was eleven.

I didn’t sleep soundly for weeks and everytime I went into a dark room and turned on the light, I saw Pennywise the clown huddled in a corner. I never told my parents that I’d watched a movie that I wasn’t allowed to see so I suffered in silence. I’ve always loved a good horror movie, but that one got the best of me.

When they announced that there would be a remake this year, I literally shuddered. My husband couldn’t wait to see the adaptation to the big screen, but I had my doubts. In the end, I put on my big girl panties and went for it.

In all honesty, I truly enjoyed the film, but for reasons beyond the scary clown. Basically, I realised that “It” is a persona of our fear. It becomes what scares you the most. In this case, it’s mainly a clown because clowns can be terrifying to children and adults alike. However, you can see “It” transform into different creatures depending on your fear which is basically the same way we let fear control us in general.

Fear paralyses us. Fear makes us close our eyes. Fear holds us back.

And as the movie so brilliantly explains, if you don’t face your fears, they will come back to haunt you…in this case, every 27 years 😉

In a few days, I leave for Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2 with Gabrielle Bernstein and I have been terrified, but now I understand why. So many of my fears will be put into action over the next week : fear of public speaking, fear of not being good enough, fear of being judged. Fear of failing.

My husband has kindly been reminding me since I’ve signed up for this class to bring it : don’t be afraid to ask questions, mingle, talk about your ideas. Put yourself out there! Ouf! Don’t get me wrong : I’m super excited to be attending this event, but in the spirit of being genuine, I need to up my game.

The Universe is offering me this amazing opportunity to spend a week with people of like-mind who believe in the same principles as I do, who speak from a place of love and who will become contacts and more importantly, friends. I need to make myself heard. Why else would I go, right?

Wish me luck! Can’t wait to tell you how it went!

Have you ever faced a fear head on? How did it go? Is there something holding you back from truly living your life to its full potential?

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