Happier and Healthier

My goddaughter turned two yesterday which means Karmic Sweets turned one. It’s hard to imagine that it’s already been a year, but it also seems to have gone by quite fast. In one year, I made 34 cakes, 389 cupcakes and 938 mini cupcakes. I guess that’s a good start! I also published a few blog posts (hopefully there will be more in 2017) and made this beautiful wedding cake :


A few weeks ago, I went to a session on vision boards and the first activity we had to do was to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments. At first, I didn’t feel that I’d accomplished much. I couldn’t even remember what I’d done from January to June, but when I started thinking in reverse (starting from December), I realised that I’d accomplished quite a bit. I launched Karmic Sweets and this blog, I travelled to New York City, Ottawa, Quebec City, Disney World on top of a few weekend getaways in Halifax, Caraquet and the States. And I met my favourite princess!

I ventured on a solitude experience living in a cabin in the woods for three days on my own, I made a new friend (which as adults isn’t always easy!), I did a few workshops to help heal my soul and I applied for a job that I really wanted, but didn’t get. In hindsight, 2016 was a year for conquering fears – travelling alone, stepping out of my comfort zone, putting myself out there…and am I ever glad I did! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be where I am today ready to conquer even more.

These books helped! Especially the last one!

That being said, I look forward to 2017 and all of its surprises. I read a blog post from East Coast Mermaid the other day in which she used the word “intention” rather than “resolution” (check it out here : https://eastcoastmermaid.com/2017/01/01/2017-intentions%E2%9C%A8/) . Since I’m not one for resolutions, that seems so much more appropriate. I mainly want to be happy and healthy in life, so all I can hope for during the coming year is to be even happier and healthier. I wish you all the same! Happy New Year!

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