Disney desserts

Almost a month has gone by since my husband and I got back from our fourth Disney trip (as adults) so I thought I’d indulge you all and talk about a few epic Disney desserts. I’ll be totally honest : one of the reasons we keep going back to Walt Disney World is the food. Oh my goodness, the food! Oh, and don’t worry; according to our Fitbits, we walked over 120 kilometres that week so I think we walked it off 😉

This was our first time back to Disney since I stared this blog and reawakened my baking addiction so I was beyond excited to visit every bakery and candy store on property. Plus, we may have chosen a few restaurants to eat at based on the dessert options alone. Don’t judge!

The Grey Stuff : Now the first thing I HAD to try was the grey stuff. I can hear some of you already asking : “What is the grey stuff?”. Watch Beauty and the Beast. Sing along to “Be our Guest”. You’ll get it. The Grey Stuff is served on a brownie like cake that seems hard, but melts in your mouth. It’s very sweet, but oh so pretty. On its own, it would be quite rich, but with the chocolate cake underneath, it’s delicious!


WPE cheesecake : Wolfgang Puck Express is one of our favourite quick service restaurants in WDW, especially for breakfast (Corn Flake French Toast!), but it’s a little out of the way if you want to hit a park early. Have no fear though, their lunch and dinner menu is also full of yummy options. And of course, as with every quick service meal, you get a dessert. Get the cheesecake! It’s a simple vanilla bean cheesecake with a strawberry coulis. It’s definitely the creamiest cheesecake I’ve ever eaten.


‘Ohana bread pudding : This was our first time at ‘Ohana,  but it will definitely not be our last! Not only was the meal delicious (and never ending), but once you think you can’t eat anymore, they bring you a beautiful banana bread pudding. Keep in mind there were only two of us, but our shareable piece was about five inches wide by three inches tall. It comes “à la mode” and once they set it on your table, they drizzle this amazing caramel sauce all over it. Oh, and it’s served warm!


Giant cinnamon roll : Now technically, cinnamon rolls are seen as a breakfast item and that’s when we ate them, but these ones would definitely count as a dessert anywhere else with all that frosting! These use to be available at the Main Street Bakery (now a Starbucks), but you can now get them at Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Note that these are a perfectly acceptable breakfast when on vacation, but I feel like you should win a prize if you actually finish it. It’s massive! Tip : if you really want to take your breakfast over the edge, order a Lefou’s Brew to go with it. You won’t regret it!


Goofy’s Candy Company’s “Make your own treat” : Even though this was our fourth trip, I’d been wanting to try this since our first trip in 2010. The problem was that by the time we’d make it to Disney Springs (I still want to call it Downtown Disney), it would be later in the week and I would be sugared out. Not this time though! When you get here, you grab an order form and choose either a Mickey gingerbread cookie, an apple, a marshmallow stack or a crispy rice treat. Then, you choose your chocolate dip (milk, dark or white), your topping (too many to list here) and your chocolate drizzle (milk, dark or white). I chose the marshmallows dipped in milk chocolate coated in sprinkles drizzled in milk chocolate while my husband had the Mickey gingerbread cookie dipped in dark chocolate, coated in Butterfinger crumbs and drizzled with milk chocolate. So yummy! This is definitely a Disney Must-do!

50’s Prime Time Diner desserts: This is a restaurant that we never miss. It’s themed as a 1950’s styled kitchen and the waiters play along as if you’re family from far away pretending that everyone in the restaurant is your cousin. Mom’s in the kitchen making your supper and grandma is making the desserts. The only problem with this restaurant is that the portions are humongous and you have to eat it all (especially your vegetables ) if you want a dessert. And as no surprise,  the dessert portions are just as as big! My husband had Mom’s favourite peanut butter chocolate layers cake and I had Dad’s brownie sundae topped with M&Ms and caramel corn. Oh, and try a milkshake! My tip though : don’t ride ride the Tower of Terror right after you eat here!

Sparkling Volcano : This dessert is available at the Rainforest Cafe which has two locations (Animal Kingdom and Disney Springs). I’d been wanting to try this dessert for a long time, but its size was quite intimidating. Also, it serves three or more according to their menu lol! Luckily, we were able to combine our dessert credits and order it to share. We didn’t finish it, but it was a good fight. A delectable mess of brownie cake topped with whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauces. Yum!20160825_194318

Cupcakes : Now, I’m a huge fan of cupcakes and Disney has no shortage of amazing ones available in so many flavours. The only problem is that they are spread out all over the place (all parks and all resorts) so if you’re looking for a specific flavour or theme, you may have to track it down. But let me save you some time and tell you about my favourite one : the red velvet cupcake available at Starring Rolls in Hollywood Studios. This is the second time we’ve had one (and we’ve shared it both times) and it is simply amazing. I’m done now. Go book your trip 😉


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