Hello again!

I made a cake Friday night. I hadn’t made a cake in six weeks. It was a last minute request and I almost said no, but I’m glad I didn’t, especially since it was for a cake that I love to do (piped rosettes – so simple, yet elegant!).  For the past few weeks, I’ve been on vacation enjoying some much needed “me” time during which I’ve let myself reflect, ponder and dream.

Over the past month, I’ve barely had any cake requests and it’s actually been a good thing. It’s given me time to reconnect in the kitchen which I’ve chosen to spend experimenting new recipes, muffins to be more specific, and do some “on the field” research (stay tuned for a blog post dedicated to Disney World desserts! Yummy!).


Jumbo banana oat muffins – great for a quick breakfast!

During this time, I’ve come to realise that I want to write more often. I’ve always felt that I express myself better in writing. Words just seem to come out easier that way. I’ve always loved writing and I thought a baking blog would be the key, but in the end, I just want to write. So, I’ve decided to change up my blog a bit and include some categories (Travels Tales, Caturdays, Eats and Sweets, Reflections and Confessions…) and write it more as a personal blog, which honestly, it has been since the beginning. The challenge for me is to write more frequently. I think I need a schedule! Writing has always been therapeutic for me and even if no one other than my husband reads my blog, that’s okay (no pressure Chris!).  I’ll have a place to reflect, share and debrief all while following another passion.


“Pondering” in Vieux-Québec

I want to bake, I want to write, I want to practice what I preach. The whole idea behind the name “Karmic Sweets” was to spread a little sweetness into the world. Hopefully, I can achieve this by not only sharing baking stories, but also by sharing all sorts of quirky thoughts and reflections. So the name stays, but the content changes…a bit!


PS : I am bilingual, French being my mother tongue, so I will sometimes post in English and sometimes in French. It will all depend on the subject matter. I feel lucky to be able to speak and write both of these languages fluently and I would love to learn more! I don’t mean to confuse people, but that’s how my brain works 🙂  Bonne lecture!


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