Today, I realized that I’ve strayed a little off this path. Now, there is nothing wrong with that – it’s all a learning experience! But here is my confession : I like making cakes and I love making cupcakes, but the truth is that I love all sweets. Brownies, truffles, fudge, gummy candies…you get the picture!

I also love experimenting with new recipes and I love trying to develop my own. I’ve also wanted to try to developing healthier versions of treats I love although I do strongly believe in enjoying life to the fullest, desserts included!


First birthday cake for my friend’s son Raphael

When I launched Karmic Sweets in January, my intentions were to create special treats for others, unique treats. So far, it has been amazing, but it has also been time consuming. I will admit that most of my cakes were made purely out of love, but a few of them managed to hit a few hot buttons along the way, like the carrot cake I made for a school banquet in which the layers kept sliding off of each other because my icing was too thin. In the end, it was the least popular cake at the banquet and we ended up throwing most of it away because it fell apart. The cakes that did frustrate me a little were usually because I wasn’t feeling it. I took the order even though deep down, I wasn’t inspired. When somebody approaches me with an idea for a cake, I usually know right away if it’ll work because I get super excited and I feel like I light up inside. Today, I realized that I have to respect that feeling. Otherwise, I’m not doing it for the right reasons.

Beyond that, I have a looooooong list of ideas for different types of recipes I’d like to develop, but I don’t have the time to do this. I need to refocus. Twix brownies anyone? Cookie dough rolls???

On that note, I’m VERY happy to present to you Karmic Sweets’ official logo :


This reflection started when I received the final version of my logo this week. I’d visualized it in my head for so long and finally receiving the final product made me think back to my original intentions with this concept. My vision was to bake and create special treats for people out of love to make them feel special. I’d also started this blog to share thoughts and ideas, baking secrets and techniques (stay tuned for a post on making the perfect cheesecake coming soon!), but I haven’t written a post in almost two months. That changes today.


Curious George cake for a little sweetie’s first birthday

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of making custom cakes and cupcakes for friends and family and I do really enjoy it. I just have to respect myself more in the process. The cakes I’ve enjoyed making the most are those that I’ve created originally for people, like the mocha chiffon cake for my friend Roseline (see picture below). I combined two of her favourite flavours (dark chocolate and coffee) and created a special cake just for her. Or the Curious George cake I made for little Juliet’s first birthday which combined my love of scrapbooking and cake decorating all in one project. Or the gluten free vanilla cake I made for my coworker’s son who has celiac disease. She was so happy that for once, her son could have a “normal” cake for his birthday. That’s what I love! I’ve made quite a few cakes and cupcakes in the past few months and want to continue doing so, just at my own pace, leaving time for creating and developing new ideas.


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