A mushy post in honour of Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d make a list of things I love. Obviously, my husband, family and cat top the list, but so do the following things (in no particular order) : cakes, cupcakes and frosting (obviously!), candy (especially gummy candy), summer, reading, travelling, Disney, puppies and kittens, sleeping in, coupons, road trips (especially spontaneous ones), magazines, ice cream, the ocean, salted caramel lattes, scary movies, The Walking Dead (which starts again tonight!!!), Cap Lumière… Read More

Time flies…

A month ago, I started this crazy adventure and in that month, I’ve made 15 cupcakes and 6 cakes. Seems like a good start to me! Then again, didn’t we just ring in the new year last week? Sometimes I find it hard to believe how quickly time goes by. Read More