Measure twice, bake once? One cup, two cups, three cups more!

A few months ago, I was asked to make a rainbow cake. This is the main reason I offer to make cakes : I get to try super fun recipes and new baking ideas and I don’t have to eat any of it! I was very excited to make this cake. I started baking two days prior to the birthday party making three batches of vanilla cake and dividing each batch in two for a total of six different colours. ROYGBP.



I thought by dividing one batch of batter in two, it would make each layer a little thinner, but they weren’t as thin as I’d hoped. Once I started layering them, it was evident that I’d end up with the tallest cake I’d ever done. I even needed to make an extra batch of frosting at the last minute to finish covering it all (thankfully, I live 2 minutes away from a grocery store!)

Sunday night, I started working on another cake and thought one batch would make two layers thick enough for the cake. I should learn not to put my ingredients away until I am completely done the baking because at 8:30 PM, I was taking out all of my stuff again to make a second batch. A two-tier cake is now going to be a four-tier cake. Oops! That’s the thing with baking : you can plan all you want, but one little detail can affect your entire cake outcome.

You never know exactly how a cake will turn out even if you’ve used the recipe numerous times. It really is a science. When someone asks me to make a cake, I play around with it in my head for a few days, sketch out some ideas, and make a list of ingredients I’ll need and the quantity. Once I have my list, I rummage through my pantry to see what I already have and make a list of things to pick up. That list usually has three columns : Sobeys, Michael’s, and Bulk Barn. Thankfully, I get coupons! But once I’m in the kitchen, all bets are off. Some ideas come out exactly as I’d planned them, others not so much.  I am very grateful for my husband who is always there to encourage me, to brainstorm with me and to run to the store for me when I run out of something. It happens more often than I’d like to admit!

received_10153767621200953In the end, apart from the extreme height of the rainbow cake (almost 10 inches!), I was very pleased with it. It was a challenge to transport it to the location of the party, but it was definitely a beautiful cake. The birthday girl was also pleased, but wanted to add to it by placing an R2-D2 figurine on the top of the cake and Shopkins figurines all around the edge which I thought was hilarious! Once I bake a cake and deliver it, it’s yours to do what you want with it. This was definitely the most interesting combination of cake toppers I’d ever seen!

I had asked to have a picture of the inside of the cake once they would cut it and I was thankful not to be present at the time of the cutting as I would’ve been too nervous.

Here’s a look at the inside of the cake :






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