In the Beginning…

I’ve always loved baking.

When I was little, one of my favourite days of the year was the last Sunday before Christmas. My mom and my great aunt would start baking at 7am and bake until WAY passed my bedtime. They would make cookies, truffles and lots of other yummy treats. I would spend the day sitting on a stool at the island watching attentively and hoping to sneak a taste here and there. Eventually, I started helping out and after my aunt passed away in 1997, my mom and I continued the tradition for many years. It was only last year that my husband asked me why, if I loved baking so much, did I only do it one day a year? Good question!

Basically, I hadn’t done much baking over the past few years because if I baked it, I ate it and since refined sugar is the enemy, I even felt guilty offering it to other people as a treat.

A short while later, my good friend Joline asked me to make cupcakes for her baby shower and it rekindled this passion. I realized that baking is a creative outlet for me and that I’ve truly missed it. When I bake, I’m so focused that I don’t think about anything else and I always love seeing the finished product.

Over the past year, I’ve been experimenting one recipe at a time with some of my childhood favourites and new ones I’ve found along the way. I started following a few baking blogs and watching cake decorating videos online which has only amped up my creativity. I started posting pictures of my creations on Facebook and my friends and family were all very encouraging and supportive. Some colleagues and friends even starting asking for custom orders and next thing I knew, I had to turn people down. Never did I think that in the span of a year, I would bake 294 cupcakes, 878 mini cupcakes, 23 cakes and over a dozen different kinds of cookies and muffins! I was even asked to cater a wedding!

That being said, as a new year starts, I want to continue experimenting and since I love writing, I figured blogging seemed like the next logical step. I’m hoping to chronicle my baking adventures here and maybe even connect with fellow home bakers in the process. There is bound to be major successes and epic fails! Let’s see what happens!



Holiday baking 2015

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